Back Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained on the job. There are many different causes for back injuries, including lifting repeatedly or receiving trauma to the back of some kind. Back injuries are notorious for getting worse over time, so it is exceptionally important that a person who has received a back injury on the job get medical care immediately.


This usually requires a person to file a workers compensation claim, however, not all employers are on board with this – nor are they always on board with allowing the employee the time off from work they need to allow their injuries to heal or modifying their job duties to keep from making the injuries worse.


At the Law Offices Of Michael J. Holmes, we believe that if you were injured on the job, you should not have to pay for doctor’s appointments, surgeries, medications, hospitalization, or physical therapy relating to your injury. We have the resources and experience you need to assert your right to compensation under the law and we will stand by your side throughout this difficult time. We will advocate for you to receive the maximum restitution available in your case.


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