Spinal Cord Injuries

Many jobs are hard on a person’s back, especially if that job involves lifting heavy objects. In many professions, there is a serious and real threat of spinal cord or back injuries, regardless of the precautions taken by the employer and the employee. Suffering an on the job spinal cord injury means that you will need immediate medical care. You may require surgeries, physical therapy, medications and may even become a quadriplegic or paraplegic depending on how severe your spinal cord injuries are.


Common on the job spinal cord injuries can include:


  • Fall from a significant height
  • Fall from scaffolding or ladders
  • Deceleration/Acceleration injuries
  • Accidents involving machinery such as forklifts, tractors, cranes, etc.
  • On the job car or truck accidents


If you have suffered a spinal cord injury while working, you need to seek the immediate advice of a compassionate yet aggressive worker’s compensation attorney. At the Law Offices Of Michael J. Holmes, PC, we can help you seek the worker’s compensation benefits you are entitled to under the law to cover the costs of the medical care you for your injuries. We can also help you seek Social Security Disability benefits in the event that you have become partially or permanently disabled and unable to work due to your injuries. We will fight for your right to the compensation you deserve.


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